Broadcast Design Driven Style Frames
I was tasked with creating styleframes for a promo about the 2021 Tokyo Olympics and NBC's role in broadcasting the global event.
Process Work
Brand/Product: NBC Universal/Tokyo Olympics 2021
Brief: A 30 second commercial for the 2021 Olympics that aims at conveying the excitement of the Olympic tradition and the resilience of the NBC brand during the global pandemic.
Target Audience: 18-49 year olds making more than $65,000 a year

About the Olympics
Vision: Bulding a better world through sports
Values: Excellence, respect, and friendship
- the uniqueness and the regular celebration of the Olympic Games
- puts athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement
- Promoting sport and the Olympic values in society, with a focus on young people
Working Principles:
- Universality and solidarity
- Unity in Diversity
- Autonomy and Good Governance
- Sustainability
About the Brand: NBC Universal
A media and entertainment company that distributes news and entertainment around the world. A subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, NBC Universal owns a variety of leading production companies, television stations, theme parks, and a streaming service
"We understand the power of media and technology to make meaningful connections. As a company uniquely positioned to educate, entertsin, and empower, we are committed to bringing together diverse communities and inspiring our customers, audiences and employees to make a positive impact."

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